THE KRAYS erupted from the mid 90's New York punk scene and it did not take long for them to get noticed. Formed in 1994 in Brooklyn, the group quickly asserted itself on the scene, standing apart with their strong riffs and mindful lyrics. Releasing a string of demo tapes and playing a ton of blistering shows, the group drew lots of attention and a very large following. In 1996 THE KRAYS released a split EP with fellow NY band the Truents and then made their debut in 1998 with the "Inside Warfare" LP on Tribal War/Eyeball Records. After 2000's “A Battle For The Truth" the band signed with TKO Records and released "A Time For Action" to critical acclaim. All the while, the group bashed on the many stages of New York, with headlining shows at the legendary CBGB's as well as opening spots for the parade of legendary punk bands that came through New York. The group also embarked on a slew of tours around the United States and in Europe. Some memorable trips include tours with The Dropkick Murphy's, Blanks 77, Vice Squad, Threats, The Restarts, Clit 45, and more. Led by Johnny Rosado, otherwise known as Johnny Kray, the group are inspired by classic punk groups from the U.S. and the U.K. like Fear, The Ruts, Menace, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, and others. Their many records and compilation appearances as well as countless shows and tours testify to the amount of work THE KRAYS have put in over the years.


Not a band to rest on their laurels The KRAYS headed back into the studio where they were able to take their time and write another punk masterpiece. With the engineering and production being handled by Johnny Kray at his studio they were able to get the sound they wanted without rushing because of a tight studio budget. "Sangre" features the awesome riffs and catchy choruses The Krays are famous for and there is also some amazing acouctic suprises thrown into the mix. Since day one the KRAYS have always put out quality music and their release on Dead City has exceeded all expectations! The Krays are and continue to be the most talented punk band to ever come out of the New York scene and with the release of “Sangre” THE KRAYS have now taken the next step and cemented themselves as New York punk legends.

The Krays- "SANGRE" CD
Dead City 014

Track Listing:
1. Drone
2. Vida Profunda
3. Albizu Campos
4. A Race Towards The Morning
5. The Attack
6. The Dying Cold
7. Sangre Taina
8. Mundo Perdido
9. Warnings
10. We Lose
11. ¿Quien Sabe Mas?
12. Out Of the Darkness
13. Sour Ground
14. Simple Man
15. In The Wars All Around
16. The Reckless Use Of Power

In 2007 The Krays hit the road and toured with the Dropkick Murphys. One of those shows took place at The Silo Nightclub in Reading Pennsylvania. The Krays were lucky enough to have their longtime friend and engineer Tomasz Gajewski come to the show prepared with all equipment for a full live recording. The Krays blistered through their high octane set that night whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Professionally recorded and then mixed by Johnny Kray, "Live At The Silo" features all of the fans favorite songs. Dead City Records is proud to present the first official live release by one of New York City's greatest punk bands. Amazing riffs, catchy choruses, intelligent lyrics, and raw energy are what The Krays are all about.

Dead City 023

Track Listing:
1. Troubled Times
2. Your Own Personal War
3. One Stop
4. Radio
5. Write Us Off
6. Guns Of Brooklyn
7. Too Lazy
8. Slick Back Nothing
9. They Control You
10. Rip And Tear
11. You Bastards
12. More In The Crowd