Formed in the early 1980's New York City's WARZONE were an important part of the skinhead, youth crew, and straightedge movements that made the New York hardcore scene explode and turn into a worldwide hardcore movement. Singer Ray Barbieri (better known to the world as "Raybeez") sung out against violence and prejudice while trying to bring a positive message to his music. Raybeez is one of the founding members of the New York hardcore movement playing drums on AGNOSTIC FRONT'S first 7" record before his full time commitment to WARZONE would be the main project in his life. WARZONE'S "Lower East Side Crew" EP (1987) and "Don't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets" LP (1987) are classic releases and are considered by many to be the best in the genre for hardcore punk music.

Hailing from The Netherlands RIGHT DIRECTION formed in the late 1980's when hardcore and thrash metal was becoming a major force in the European music scene. They became one of the biggest European hardcore bands with extensive touring and quality releases. With many LPs and EPs in their discography RIGHT DIRECTION are considered one of the forefathers in the European hardcore scene and a major influence to hundreds of hardcore, punk and metal bands across the globe.

In February 1995 these two major musical forces combined to do a month long tour of Europe. WARZONE and RIGHT DIRECTION would spread their hardcore message to many European countries and in the process the band members became the best of friends. The "Live In Europe 1995" EP was recorded in Maastricht Netherlands and Berlin Germany from that European tour. Two legendary bands playing incredible hardcore music!


Warzone/Right Direction - "Live In Europe 1995"
Split Release
Dead City 219

Track Listing:
1. WARZONE - Judgement Day
2. WARZONE - War Between Races
3. WARZONE - Reggae Moonstomp
4. RIGHT DIRECTION - A Bulls Revenge
6. RIGHT DIRECTION - Stupid Reasons